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Dear Visitor,

Thanks for showing interest in our products and for offering me the opportunity to help you to improve the quality of your life. I have great faith in my products and have benefited no end through the use of this technology. I have more energy and can get by with only a few hours of sleep each night. I used to suffer from anxiety and stress but now I'm calm and confident and enjoying life in ways I once woiuld not have thought possible. I even managed to beat a 25 year addiction to alcohol entirely on my own with this technology, so you can see how passionately I feel about it.

This technology has enabled me to realize my dreams and to create several successful online business ventures. Indeed it is the major contributor to the social and economic freedom which I enjoy today.

I'd always dreamed of having more money and to be able to start my own business but I'd always remained stuck, it seemed like there was nothing I could do to to get the life I wanted. I spent a fortune on self-help materials and online moneymaking schemes.  Some of the information I purchased was invaluable, however the majority of it could easily be found on the internet for free.
Nothing I discovered however was as effective as brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven method to induce a desired brainwave frequency through the application of audio stimuli. By listening to powerful binaural tones the brain reacts with a frequency following response. For example, by listening to a theta tone of 4.5HZ for a period of time, the brain alters it's frequency to match the entrainment frequency and puts the listener into a state of meditation experienced traditionally by Zen Masters.

With brainwave entrainment you can experience blissful states of relaxation and awareness. You can explore mystical states of reality and can develop visualization skills which will make the Law of Attraction work effectively for you. You will experience powerful creative and intuitional skills as you tap into your latent genious. Some people unlock their their psychic abilities, travel on the Astral plane and explore the consciousness of the Shaman. Other people are able to experience blissful states of meditation or to develop super learning abilities and to increase their IQ.The beauty is you will be able to develop whatever condition you are seeking with very little effort.

Take a look at just some of the benefits you'll receive from our software:

You can purchase this product for a very reasonable price and the benefits and information you will receive really are worth their weight in gold. You will be provided with the tools and information to be able to start your own profitable online business.

You'll need less sleep and be more motivated and able to learn new things in a fraction of the time

You'll sleep as soundly as a baby, your health will improve and you'll look and feel better.

You'll be able to enjoy life and have more energy and conquer addictions with minimal effort.

Become more popular as you become your real self, letting go of insecurity and able to be honest and confident in the company of others.

The benefits I received were fantastic, I manifested all of the changes which I wanted in my life and you can do the same!

Brainwave entrainment, a simple method to rewire your brain for the better. This technology has completely transformed my life, made me more creative and productive and able to really enjoy and appreciate life.

Today I am confident and making my dreams reality, wouldn't you like to be the same?

Here's to your success!


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The Brainwave Entrainment Toolkit
Improve your life, your prospects and your future with our powerful meditation software!
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
"This software is incredible and easy to use..."
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads

"Hi, I'm Rob and the developer of the Braingym, this technology literally saved my life! I used brainwave entrainment to defeat alcoholism, improve my creativity, overcome insecurity and boost my self confidence."

I sell my products to people from all over the world and receive constant praise for the cost, effectiveness and quality of my software and audio. The software has been developed with you in mind and is simple to use, you'll be up and running in minutes!!
Why should you try our software?

If you are disatisfied with where you are going in life and are ready to make some positive changes then this software may be exactly what you've been looking for. You can create your own powerful meditation tracks, mix tones with ambient atmospheres and MP3s from your song collection.  If you purchase our software you will receive a detailed tutorial describing how you can make your own CDs for yourself or to sell, without the need for a commercial license.
Create your own powerful meditation tracks with a simple point and click interface.

Combine tones with beautiful, relaxing ambient backgrounds.

Mix your creations with MP3s from your song collection.

Relax and turn on your creativity simply by listening to the hypnotic tracks you have created.

Burn your creations to CD and sell them online.

Use the software to beat your addictions and to overcome depression and stress.

Realize your true abilities and potential, create a reality which you truly want.

meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
Would you like to directly influence your subconscious mind and discover the astounding , untapped potential you have within you?

This technology enabled me to overcome a 25 year addiction to alcohol and has totally transformed my life. I have several successful online ventures and work from the comfort of my own home. This technology is not metaphysical "mumbo jumbo" it yealds fast measurable results. You can overcome depression, beat addictions, meditate like a Zen Master, be more creative, de-stress and create the reality you really want!

I'm also giving you the opportunity to try this amazing technology for yourself with a free fully functional demo.
- Meditate like a Zen Master
- Heal yourself
- Overcome addictions
- Enjoy your life
- Create your own reality

meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
Here's what you get for your money

The Brainwave entrainment toolkit comprises of:

Our cutting edge software "Braingymanasium Pro"

Detailed frequency listing

How to make your own Brainwave Entrainment tracks and burn them to CD for free

A library of 100 presets

MP3 support

Free unrestricted bonus software
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
"l like your product. I create entrainment tracks myself and am frequently asked what software I recommend for people who would like to create their own tracks. I purchased the Brain Gym program you sell and found it to be very nice, especially for those with little computer savvy. The interface is self-explanatory and easy to navigate. The user doesn't need to worry about how to combine tracks to make binaural waves, or what to use as carrier frequencies, etc. The simple one-click feature to allow users to include their own mp3 background files is especially good."

D.Leathers, USA
I've suffered from terrible migraines for years and was amazed when I tried your preset for headaches. After playing your preset my migraine went away, which I found incredible considering my migraines do not respond to conventional medicine! Thankyou so much Rob.

Tina, UK
I just love the simplicity of the program, I wanted something I could use straight away without having to read complex manuals and your product really delivers the goods.

Kate Vickers, UK
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
Supported by new and legacy Microsoft Windows operating systems
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
meditation software, binaural beats, meditation downloads
I am confident that you will benefit from using this software but I will still offer you a full 60 day money back guarantee.

You really have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!

Please be aware that the current price of
$27 is subject to change and will be increased in the near future.

If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer I recommend that you act quickly before the price increase.
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